Devin Wallace


“Everybody watches the same things, we all know Paris Hilton is a tramp.” – Joan Rivers

My art is influenced by my lifelong obsession with popular culture. I take inspiration from social media, celebrity culture, TV, nostalgia, fandom and music. It’s my intention to create work that is relatable and accessible to everyone. My work aims to tap in to common public interests and also aims to mirror the fast pace of popular culture and changeability of cultural trends.

Devin Wallace is an artist, curator and stand up comedian living and working in Scotland. Born in 1990, Devin took an early interest in art and popular culture and his earliest memory is coming home from primary school every night and sketching people he watched on MTV. Devin later obtained a BA(Hons) degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and continues to make work which he exhibits globally.