Edwina Bracken

INSIDE                 OUTSIDE

 Here                      There
Being here           Being there
Being                     Non being
Open                      Closed

  Closed, bolted, padlocked
     Open, ajar, wide open

    Man is half open being


          For we are where we are not *
            *Pierre-Jean Jouve, Lyrique, 1956


Edwina Bracken trained at the National College of Art in Dublin and the Glasgow School of Art.  Since graduating from the Masters of Letters course at the GSA in 2014, she has continued to develop her practice to work across disciplines to explore the boundaries of painting within the expanded field.

Geometric shapes and mathematics form the basis for her current line of inquiry. These forms act as a metaphor to describe the root of ideas in the interior cognitive world and also reference the materiality those ideas inhabit in the physical world.    In their raw form, they present an ideal aesthetic which allows for a sensitive investigation of materiality and form in both 2D and 3D media. An interest in phenomenology and Plato’s theory of forms informs the dialogue and relationship between the different works and media. This is turn, directly references the tension and assimilation between 2D and 3D space.

Edwina has recently presented solo shows at the Newave Gallery in Aberdeen and the Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh. Other recent exhibitions include the Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Museum and Central Hall Westminster and residencies at Dumfries House in Ayreshire and Mart Gallery in Dublin.  Edwina will shortly travel to Nebraska to undertake an artist in residence programme.     Her work has been featured in various magazines, art publications and on Scottish and Irish television.  Her work is also held in the collection of HRH Prince of Wales Trust and various corporate and private collections internationally.