Evonne Bain

Seton Sands

‘Seton Sands’ is a series of images that focuses on the modular structures of caravans, the copy and paste nature of them and how the residents there make the space their own. I focused my attention on a holiday village located on the outskirts of Edinburgh which is a residential area and a popular holiday destination.  There is a strange beauty, wonder and enchantment surrounding these plots of caravans and within this project I wanted to explore the private world created by the people that live there. Shaped by its distinctive forms, there is a certain quietness that sits between the lined up caravans there, creating a rarified environment.

Originally from Glasgow, Evonne moved to Edinburgh to pursue her photography career at Edinburgh College of Art,  and is now approaching her final year of studies.  For two years prior to moving to Edinburgh she attended the Visual Arts Studio in Tramway in Glasgow and last year she had the opportunity to go on an international exchange trip to Baltimore, Maryland USA. For sixth months Evonne attended Maryland Institute College of Art and was able to have her first solo international exhibition in the Wilgus Gallery, in Baltimore.

Combining documentary and fine art photography, her work aims to engage more with the human condition and explore how we are humans relate ourselves to one another, but also to nature and our surroundings. She endeavours to provoke certain emotions not only by looking but through experiencing it also, therefore she seeks to attune the viewer to the little details of what it means to be here and now. For her, the camera allows one to step into communities and situations, to take a look and also to step back, reflect and comment. The act of observing, making, and sharing an image, has the capacity to reflect authentic connection between people and the self as it shifts the way in which we perceive other cultures and who we are in relation to one another.