Rhona Taylor


Deviation is a painting installation that allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves inside it. The work aims to disorientate and visually confuse the viewer by distorting the architectural space of the cell; disguising and reimagining its intended use. Initially the strong visual impact of the installation draws the viewer into the space, but the work soon emphasises and even magnifies its intended use for the viewer – confinement and imprisonment.

Rhona works using paint and objects to create both two dimensional images as well as larger, site-specific installations, especially in unconventional spaces.

She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and now works from a studio in the city as well as at Edinburgh Printmakers. Recent exhibitions include the Hidden Door festivals (2016 and 2015), and the SSA members’ exhibitions at the Royal Scottish Academy. She has held several exhibitions and installations in non-conventional gallery spaces including hospitals, libraries, a cinema, an old street-lighting depot, a WWII boat shed – and now a former prison.